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Katsushika Emergency Map for Foreign Residents
"Providing is Preventing". Be Prepared in Case of Emergency!

"Katsushika Emergency Map for Foreign Residents" is now available. It provides you with basic information for emergency; including what to do first, where to evacuate and where to get drinking water etc., together with the map of Katsushika. Each English, Chinese and Korean version accompanies with Japanese with hiragana syllables.

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【Where Can I Get the Map? 】
Katsushika Symphony Hills Annex 2F “International Exchange Corner”
Katsushika City Hall 2F “Census Registration Counter”
City Office Regional Branches etc

【How Much Does It Cost?】 Free

Let’s Know about “Flood in Katsushika City”

Katsushika City is the district of low-lying area surrounded by the four rivers of “Arakawa”,“Edogawa”, “Nakagawa” and “Ayase”. About half of Katsushika is located in the area below sea level.
Katsushika City is making a strong community against flood damages by various methods. On the other hand, the flood risk is increasing due to the climate change and extreme weather in recent years.
Let’s study about flood damage that might occur in Katsushika City, and we should usually provide against all conceivable emergency .

Flood Damage that Can Occur in Katsushika City
River Flood: Water of a river overflow its bank in the city.

【When to Be Careful】
Heavy Rain
 ●River bank can collapse in the upper reach, etc. of a river.

●River water can overflow its bank due to a heavy rain and a storm surge (a phenomenon that causes a rise in sea level and water from the sea flow into the land).

※Normally, heavy rains and typhoons do not have such a high risk of causing damage, but special attention is required when unprecedented levels of heavy rains and typhoons hit the area.

 ●We have time to evacuate because risks of disasters can be predicted in advance.
 ●Once a city is flooded, it takes several weeks until the flood water recedes.

How to evacuate

Evacuate to a Safer Place as soon as Possible

●Evacuate to an area where you can avoid flood damage (get away from a dangerous place and evacuate to a safer one) within Katsushika City or in neighboring cities (Ichikawa City and Matsudo City of Chiba Pref., Taito City, Sumida City and Arakawa City, etc.).
●Please follow information from Katsushika City because a designated evacuation center of your residence can change depending on which river floods.
●Please evacuate on foot, by bicycle or by using public transportation.

Evacuate to a Tall Building if Failing to Escape

●If water already overflows into the area and there is no time to escape, evacuate to a nearby tall building called “Emergency Evacuation Building for Flood Hazard”.  e.g.) Public facilities of Katsushika City, Tokyo public housing complex and UR rented housing, etc.
●The “Emergency Evacuation Building for Flood Hazard” is a temporary evacuation center, therefore you cannot live there on a long-term basis. You may only use joint ownership spaces such as a hallway.

What Will Happen if You Stay in Flooded Areas?
●Will not be able to use electricity, gas and tap water.
●Will not be able to undergo treatment for a disease or an injury because you cannot go out.
●Will not be able to get foods and beverages.

Inland Flood:The flood caused by overflowing rainwater from a manhole and a drain ditch

【When to Be Careful】
Torrential Rainfall(The heavy rain in a short term, in a focused area)
e.g.「Guerrilla Rain(The localized torrential rain)」「Bomb Cyclone (excessively-developed low pressure)
 ●Possibility of overflowing water from a manhole and a drain ditch
 ●Possibility of street and house flooding(filled with rainwater)

 ●Difficult to estimate in advance
 ●The floodwater recedes in a few hours


How to evacuate

Voluntary Evacuation
 ●At home, stay higher than the second floor
 ●Get away from underground
 ●Move to a tall nearby building

The flood not assumed in Katsushika Ward

Massive Tsunami
According to the damage estimation of Tokyo Inland Earthquakes, published by Cabinet Office and Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2012 and 2013, Massive Tsunami, like the Great East Japan Earthquake, is not assumed in Katsushika Ward. Katsushika is far from ocean and Tokyo Bay is not geographically prone to Tsunami.

Refuge information in Katsushika City

When flooding is likely to occur at the time of typhoon or heavy rain, Katsushika City delivers the evacuation information.
● Disaster prevention administrative radio system (You can also hear from outside speakers on telegraph poles.etc)
● Public relations(PR) vehicles
● Disaster information delivery services by mobile phone company
● Safety and security information mailing services (registration required)
● Katsushika website/ Face Book /Twitter services
● “Katsushika FM” (radio FM 78.9MHz)
● “J: COM Toukatsu/Katsushika” (cable TV)
● Information transfer tools ( communicates the evacuation information by FAX or telephone for hearing and visual impairment)

Flood hazard map of Katsushika City (Katsushika Home Page in Japanese letters)

Edogawa-river flood hazard map
Arakawa-river flood hazard map
Nakagawa-river /Ayase-river flood hazard map