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Useful Information for Foreign Residents


News Letter "Katsushika International Exchange News"
news The "International Exchange News", a newsletter written in Japanese, English and Chinese, will be issued six times a year in January, March, May, July, September and November. It contains useful information for foreign residents such as living tips and event information.

The newsletter is downloadable from the web. It can also be obtained in libraries and other public facilities in Katsushika City as well as train stations within the city.
No.75 (issued in Sep. 2020) No.74 (issued in Jul. 2020) No.73 (issued in May 2020)
No.72 (issued in Mar. 2020) No.70 (issued in Nov. 2019) No.69 (issued in Sep. 2019)
No.68 (issued in Jul. 2019) No.67 (issued in May 2019) No.66 (issued in Mar. 2019)
No.65 (issued in Jan. 2019) No.64 (issued in Nov. 2018) No.63 (issued in Sep. 2018)
No.62 (issued in Jul. 2018) No.61 (issued in May 2018) No.60 (issued in Mar. 2018)
No.59 (issued in Jan. 2018) No.58 (issued in Nov. 2017) No.57 (issued in Sep. 2017)
No.56 (issued in Jul. 2017) No.55 (issued in May 2017) No.54 (issued in Mar. 2017)

Information Bulletin "MIL"
milInformation bulletin "MIL" is issued on January, March, May, July, September and November. The bulletin contains information on enjoyable events such as music concerts and international exchange events. Please see the back of the bulletin for information on international exchange events.

"MIL"is distributed to the posts of each household in Katsushika City early in each month of publication. "MIL" is also placed at each station and public facility in Katsushika City. Please make the best use of the bulletin to enjoy your life in Katsushika.

Katsushika Living Guidebook "Your City Katsushika"
Katsushika Living Guidebook "Your City Katsushika" provides living information for foreigh residents of Katsushika City. Each English, Chinese and Korean version accompanies with Japanese with hiragana syllables.

These are distributed at Katsushika Symphony Hills Annex 2F “International Exchange Corner”, Katsushika City Hall 2F “Census Registration Counter” for free. These can be downloaded from this site.

"International Exchange Corner"

"International Exchange Corner"is available to everyone who is interested in International Exchange. It can be used as a study room and meeting room for international exchange purpose. Useful information for both Foreigners and Japanese is also available in the room. Make the best use of "International Exchange Corner" and enjoy your activitiy!!

Place=Katsushika Symphony Hills Annex 2F

Japanese Customs
Helpful Tips for Living in Katsushika  This page introduces you to some Japanese social customs which may be helpful to understand Japanese way of life.