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Cultural Exchange Event Information


Kids' International Exchange Club

"Ghanaian Culture and Craft"


Kids' International Exchange Club
"Ghanaian Culture and Craft"

Let's Get Familier with the World Culture!

Ms. Mamayuno, who participated to join JICA as a youth volunteer and has been supported for developing countries through a handcraft, will tell us about culture and children’s life of Ghana. She’ll also show us how to make a finger knitting that she taught to people in Ghana, and we’ll try to make a covered button using Ghanaian cloth. Let’s try out for making your own craft!

What kind of place is Ghana?

The official name is the Republic of Ghana, country of western Africa. As you known, chocolate is made from cacao beans, and they are mostly grown in Ghana. Japan imports them annually. And the capital city of Ghana, Accra, is the place where Hideo NOGUCHI who is printed on 1,000yen bills, had been researched. Ghana has been forming a close relationship with Japan.

Date 22nd August, Saturday 13:00 to 15:00
Lecturer Izumi YUNOSAWA 'mamayuno', ex-volunteer of JICA

20 Elementary School Children in Katsushika City (1st to 6th Graders)
※For 1st and 2nd graders, please come with a gardian.

Place Katsushika Symphony Hills Annex 5F "Rainbow"

Free of Charge

How to Apply

Fill in and send us the application form from the homepage.

Or, send a reply-paid postcard to Katsushika Symphony Hills (6-33-1 Tateishi Katsushika-ku Tokyo 124-0012) with

1) name of event
2) name, grade and age of the participant
3) address
4) phone number
5) motivation of your application
by 5th August, 2020.

* Participants will be selected by lottery in case the number of applicant exceeds the quota.
* The result of the lottery will be sent to all the applicants either by email or post card within a week from the application deadline. If you do not receive the result, please contact us.
* Your personal information on the application is used for making contacts regarding concerned program and sending international exchange related information.